Western Foundries offers rough and finish machining, drilling and milling for any size casting

Our capacities include

20,000 square foot machining facility
Full range of heavy machining/welding equipment
600 square foot sandblasting and painting facility
2-Plane balancing capability
Hydrostatic testing for pressure parts
Complete range inspection equipment
Heat treat services

Partial list of machines
larger component machining also available

Vertical Machining Centers

Daewoo DMV 650
Travels X-50”, Y-25”, Z-22”

Daewoo DMV 500
Travels X-30”, Y-20”, Z-22.44”

CNC Lathes

Daewoo Puma 400 Long Bed
Live Tooling

12 station turret, travel Z-84.8”
Swing 30.3”, turning capacity 22.0”

Daewoo Puma 350 (Qty 2)
10 station turret, travel Z-43.5”
Swing 27.56”, turning capacity 21.7”

Daewoo Puma 200
12 station turret, travel Z-17.32”
Swing 20.08”, turning capacity 13.78”

Daewoo Puma 10S
12 station turret, travel Z-31.5”
Swing 22.4”, turning capacity 15.0”

Cincinnati Horizontal Machining Center

24”x24” table with pallet changer
Travels X-40.4”, Y-31.5”, Z-31.5”

Summit Horizontal
Boring Mill

Travels X-56”, Y-65”, Z-51”
Maximum Table Load: 11,000 pounds

Okuma V100R Vertical Turret Lathe

12 Station Turret
Travels X-22.2”, X-35.0”
Swing 49.2”, turning capacity 39.97”


Qty. 8 Manual Engine Lathes
Qty. 2 Fosdick Radial Drill 4’ Arm
Qty. 3 Bridgeport Mills


Welders ASME Sect IX certified
WPS per ASTM A488-1995
PQR for standard materials plus
A20, CD4MCu, CF3, CF3M